Electrochemical nanomaterial fabrication

We are committed to developing modern electroplating technologies to fabricate nanostructured materials for various applications such as catalytic CO2 conversion, triboelectric, and 3D integrated circuit packaging application.



Representative Publications:


1. Biomechanical energy harvesters based on ionic conductive organohydrogels via the

    hofmeister effect and electrostatic interaction, ACS Nano, accepted.


2. Hybrid photovoltaic-triboelectric nanogenerators for simultaneously harvesting solar and

    mechanical energies, Nano Energy, accepted.


3. Three-dimensional self-attaching perovskite quantum dots/polymer platform for efficient

    solar-driven CO2 reduction, Materials Today Physics, 17, 100358, 2021.


4. Efficient electroreduction of CO2 to CO by Ag decorated S-doped g-C3N4/CNT

    nanocomposites at industrial-scale current density, Materials Today Physics, 12, 100176, 



5. Electrodeposition of (111)-oriented and nanotwin-doped nanocrystalline Cu with ultrahigh

    strength for 3D IC application, Nanotechnology, 32, 225702, 2021.